Papier-mâché Universe

Charles shocked me last week with his creative skills. I had an idea for a Papier-mâché Universe to go into his big boy bedroom (once we decide to make the move) 
I sat him down with the things we needed and he already seemed to know what he was doing, despite never doing it or seeing it before! He loved getting messy and had great fun. 
He loves the end result and shows everyone...even people who phone. (they have to pretend they can see it)

You Need:
Balloon (any colour)
Paint brush
Black Tissue Paper
Foam Space Stickers (we bought ours from a craft shop online)

Glue: we used our own homemade mixture of one cup of flour & one cup of water for the first coat. Then we used a 'generous squirt' of Pritt Stick PVA Glue and water mixed for further coats.

Firstly blow a balloon up to a size you are happy with. Tie a knot in it.
Rip up some pieces of tissue paper and newspaper. Paint some of the flour/water paste mix onto the balloon and stick down the tissue paper. Completely cover the balloon (except for the piece you've blown into) in this mixture then leave to dry.
Then, make up the glue mixture using PVA glue and water. Again paint this onto the balloon and cover with newspaper. Make sure every piece of the tissue paper is covered. Leave to dry.
Now, with the same PVA/water mixture cover the balloon with tissue paper once more. This will be the final coat so make sure its nice and thick and all areas are covered. Overlapping is the key too. 
Once this is dry take some foam space stickers, peel of the backs and stick them onto the balloon. Add as many of these as you like until you are happy with your creation. 
Then tie some cotton around the bottom of the balloon and then hang up to show off to everyone!

We're also making one covered in blue tissue paper and decorated with suns, clouds, planes and rainbows. And a seperate one covered in blue tissue paper again but with fish, sharks and dolphins etc.

So easy to make, a tiny bit time consuming and messy but great for half term/rainy days/poorly days. 


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