Reasons To Be Cheerful {5}

I like having something to look forward to.
I'm constantly thinking of the next thing to plan. Birthday parties, weekends away, Christening, naming day, holiday, simple days out, and so on.
I even planned the majority of Harry's Christening when pregnant.

As I've mentioned before, 2012 started quite badly, so I've been concentrating a lot on the year ahead and the things we have to look forward to.

January: Although it started rubbish my lovely husband bought me a new (new to us but 11 years old) car today!
February: Ok we have Valentines Day but I'm not too into it really so we don't have a huge amount going on other than our friends sons birthday party.
March: My husbands birthday and our weekend away to Drayton Manor and the Leicester Space Centre. New sofas are arriving [if they haven't at the end of February]
April: Our 7 year wedding anniversary and my brother is coming home for the first time since October!
May: Friends wedding which we are using as a weekend away opportunity. We are going to visit Woburn Safari Park this weekend too. Its also my mums birthday.
June: Charles' 3rd birthday. Royal Norfolk Show, we couldn't go last year because I was too pregnant! Lowestoft Air Show.
July: Harrys 1st Birthday. As both of these are close by we are going to have lots of celebrations, over a months worth [6 weekends]
August: Two of Charles' friends have their 3rd birthdays so we'll be celebrating those. Also hoping to have an unofficial naming day for Harry at my aunty [in laws] woods. My nan also turn 93 this month!
September: My birthday and of course my twin brothers birthday. And our friends twin boys will turn 3! Charles will also be starting nursery which I'm not really looking forward to.
I'm hoping all bad luck will disappear and we can maybe have a little family break away in October/November.

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