Self Portrait Challenge/Currently...

I've recently fallen in love with a new blog, The Paper Mama.
Full of stunning photos, beautiful words and an insight into her world, this blog is simply amazing.
One post which really caught my eye was The bad side…. and a self photo challenge!

My challenge to you:
Take a self portrait (no need to be a fancy photographer or own a fancy camera…taking a photo with your phone works too. I love self cell phone pics) and blog about it! Blog about you.
 The Paper Mama is using this challenge as a competition which I'm not entering as I don't qualify but I wanted to join in with the challenge anyway.
The words to go with the self portrait photo follow Currently posts that Danielle from Sometimes Sweet writes.

The linky closes tonight [the 13th] but you should join in anyway!
Obsessing over…
Nail varnishes, and dresses. I have had long nails for a while now after previously being a nail biter. I need to find my style and pick myself up so I'm hoping to buy myself some dresses the next couple of months to make me feel better.

Working on…
Getting my spark back and kicking anxieties bum!

Thinking about…
My husbands birthday and our weekend away.  We are yet to go away as a family of 4 so I'm excited about that as well as the cool things we have planned!

My meeting with a "professional" to hopefully sort out my anxiety....5 months after asking my doctor for help.

Listening to…
STEPS! I'm loving that they got back together and Charles seems to really like them too! 

Not as much as I used to. I had a chat with my doctor about my appetite as I was constantly hungry and binge eating a lot.
Instead I am now cutting down my portions, taking longer to eat, snacking on fruit if I need to snack at all and drinking more water and soft drinks.
Also eating oats which I will be blogging about soon. 

The weather could be better. I want to get out and use our new pushchair and get some good ol' fresh air!

Linking up with The Paper Mama for her Self Photo Challenge! 
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