Shame On You Loose Women

 I am a big fan of This Morning and watch it whenever I'm allowed to (toddler has most control over the television these days) and more often than not I catch the first 5 minutes of Loose Women.
I'll only watch more if I'm stuck under a sleeping baby and can't reach the remote or if there is a decent guest on.

To be honest, I cannot stand this programme most of the time. I only liked, yes liked, 4 of the panellists now only like 2. (Jane McDonald and Sherrie Hewson*) 
What changed my mind was their complete ignorance towards breastfeeding.

A recent discussion, about breastfeeding, has left me wanting to scream and shout at these stupid idiotic women.
I can't even bring myself to type what they said because I am fed up, totally completely and utterly fed up with unfair, ridiculous negative comments towards breastfeeding and in particular, breastfeeding in public.

I feel like a broken record and have said countless times 'in real life' and on here that no one has ever seen my boobs other than my sons, my husband, my mum and health professionals.
My friends, whom I openly breastfeed around, have never seen full breast or nipple. Never. And I've fed two children around them.

Yet here we have a panel of women stating their disgust at other women choosing to breastfeed their children.

These women harp on about "sisterhood" and "girl power" and love nothing more than sitting having a good ol' gossip and bitching session about men. I have a problem with this in itself, if it was a panel of men saying similar things about women there would be uproar! Yet its ok for them to do it?! 
And, its really NOT cool, big or clever to constantly talk about sex and alcohol. We did that in high school and are over it now. 
Grow up!
Yet that's not enough for them now. Now they turn on fellow women and think is ok to bitch about something so natural.
Whether or not you breastfed your child or bottlefed NO ONE can say breastfeedng unnatural. 
Lisa Maxwell, comparing photos of mothers breastfeeding their children to that of men with their penis out is wrong...especially coming from someone who claims to have breastfed their own child.

Loose Women I leave you with one last thing, if you don't like seeing women breastfeeding their children because too much flesh is on show, then please stop doing this:

*Since writing this post I have been in contact with Sherrie and she has apologised for any hurt and insult caused.
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