Why I Take Breastfeeding Photos.

 I'm still wound up about Loose Bloody Women and feel I need to justify breastfeeding.
Why should we always be made to feel that we should justify how we feed our children (breast or bottle) or why we do anything with regards to parenting?

I'm concentrating now on why I take photos whilst I breastfeed.

Some people like to look at photos of landscapes, beaches, nature, flowers, animals.
I like to look at photos of babies nursing.
Not in a sick perverted way. There's nothing sexual about a baby nursing, and anyone who thinks otherwise needs help. Serious help.
I find breastfeeding fascinating. The whole 'science' of it all.
The milk producing and almost coming from nowhere.
The natural way that [most] babies want/need to latch on to a nipple.
I'm amazed at the different ways each baby feeds, latches, and sucks.
Amazed at what each baby does with his/her hands, what/who they look at, the look in their eyes.
I simply just like to see a mother and baby/child embraced and connected this way.

I wouldn't sit and watch another woman feeding. It would just be weird. But looking at photos is the closest thing to physically sitting watching a mother feed.

With both of my sons I love looking down at them. Playing with their hands. Watching them feed. Watching them look around. Staring at them so much that it can seem that we are having a staring competition sometimes.
These moments are over so soon.

I fed Charles until he was 18 months old. It was only a year and 2 months ago that we stopped. Yet I can not remember what it was like looking down and seeing him feed.
I know that at the time it was amazing to see.
Just like a baby smiling at you, recognising you or laughing at you...those butterflies that quickly whirl around in your tummy, I remember that feeling.
I feel it now with Harry.
But I can't remember what I saw.

Its the same with other baby photos. I take photos of the boys all the time. Doing everything (except for crying).
Playing, sleeping, laughing, smiling, eating...everything.

So, why can't I take photos of my babies breastfeeding?
Why is this weird?

The boys don't have to look at these photos when they're older.
But I will want to.

Breastfeeding, in my opinion, is an achievement, NO MATTER how long you do it for.
We record other achievements, our own and our children's, so why can we not take photos and record this achievement?

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