Birthday Bargains {Magpie Monday}

I've always loved finding a bargain. In high street shops more than anything but even more so, when I've found it in a charity shop.
Its a win win situation. I feel good for finding a bargain. And I feel good for giving to charity.
I found some beautiful outfits for Harry in a local charity shop and have a browse in there whenever I visit the nearby supermarket.
Yesterday I popped to the newsagents next to the charity shop and upon my exit I spotted a babies bouncer chair, not suitable for us now but then next to it a toy kitchen.
I had a quick look but then walked away.
I stopped in my tracks, knowing I'd regret not having a proper look.
I went back, inspected the kitchen and made my way inside. Handed over £3.95....£3.95!! And walked out, picked up my bargain buy and walked to the car.
In the car I noticed that the kitchen had an on/off switch and that when you turn the knobs the hob lights up and makes a frying and bubbling noise.
There are a few pieces missing but how can I complain when its just £3.95!

Charles and Harry are getting a playhouse for the garden for their birthday. I wanted to buy a kitchen and washing machine for them too.
Charles will also be getting a bike and with no room in the house for this kitchen I will be hiding it in the shed, wrapping it up for his brithday as a "small" present. It will live in his playhouse.

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