The Door Of Choice

 Charles no longer uses a high chair and instead either sits on his 'giraffe chair' and eats his dinner in the lounge (if we are having a casual night) or sits on one of the dining room chairs if we want to sit up the table.
Sometimes its a fight to keep him sat up the table and he'll do the best he can to get down.
On Tuesday night I didn't expect him to eat much dinner because he'd eaten a late snack. As predicted he tried to leave the table and as he made his way underneath and towards the door into the lounge my husband came up with a great idea.
We'd already been joking throughout dinner and had all been putting on the voice of "The Cube".

"Charles. That is the door of choice. Choose to go through the door and you turn invisible. No one will be able to see you and you WON'T get any chocolate ice cream."
He then ran through laughing. And for 15 minutes we pretended to cry, asked where he had gone, wondered if he would ever return. The whole time he was laughing and shouting Charlie is here! We didn't react.
My husband then said to me that Charles could be seen again if he came back through the 'door of choice' but he had to stamp his feet three times and say "the cube, the cube, the cube". Charles heard this and after 3 times of us explaining it [not directly to him] he did it.

The game has stuck and we play it a couple of times a day.

My husband and Charles play some great games using their imagination. I am expecting chaos when Harry is old enough to join in!
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