He Doesn't Say I Love You...

 But I know that he does.

* The way he looks at me says it.

* The fact that I am better than any toy. If I sit down he will leave any toy and come over to me.

* As soon as I walk into the room his face beams and he wants me to cuddle him.

* As soon as he wakes up in the morning and looks at me he smiles the biggest smile [then covers me in spit as he blows raspberries]

* He needs to know where I am. If I go out of sight he panics.

* He laughs at me when I'm trying to be funny, but really am not.

* As soon as I walk near him he lifts his arms for me to carry him, always wanting a cuddle or to be held.

* He is my shadow. Constantly following me around.

* He will always give me a smile, even when he's grumpy.

* If he is in his pushchair or in one of our baby carriers he will look at me the majority of the time.

* He makes contented noises when I cuddle him when he's asleep.

* He kisses me. Not huge slobbery baby snogs but lovely soft wide mouthed kisses.

* He rests his head on my chest sometimes just to hear my heartbeat and to cuddle.

He doesn't say I love you yet...but I can see it in his eyes.
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