Holkham, Norfolk.

On Sunday we decided, last minute, to go to the Norfolk Coast for a picnic and a run around.
We'd left it too late to make up a picnic so we popped to the garage and grabbed some sandwiches and snacks whilst filling up the car.
We wanted to visit Wells but then decided to try somewhere new and instead ventured to Holkham.
The villages and towns we drive through on the way to Holkham are amazing. I always look at the houses and dream of owning one and living in one of these towns......some day I will.

We arrived at the parking spot. We had to pay for parking but had a limited amount of change but thankfully the machines accepted card.
We parked the car and sat and ate our picnic. The views across the North Norfolk countryside and coast were amazing, I could've just sat in the car looking at the views all afternoon. It was so relaxing.
But we had a boy who wanted to go for a walk and kick his football!
We packed up the picnic, placed Harry in the pushchair, clicked the Boomerein onto my husband and Charles and off we went.
There was a short walk along a somewhat busy lane until we went through the gate onto the public walkway.
There was then the option to walk three different ways. We went straight ahead and reached the beach, via a woodland area, within no time at all.
Charles and my husband went on a Gruffalo and big bad mouse hunt in the woodland whilst I sat and fed Harry. There are plenty of benches around obviously placed to accommodate breastfeeding mummys rest tired feet and take in the surroundings.
Once we reached the end of the wooden walkway there was a steep slope down onto the beach.
I stay at the top of the slope and, once again, fed Harry whilst my husband and Charles explored the muddy seaside. Charles had lots of fun splashing [and falling] in puddles left over from the sea.

Our visit was short-lived as Charles got too much water in his wellies and ended up sat in Harrys pushchair. Harry was grumpy and only wanted to be cuddled so it was a good for both of them.
We'll be visiting another day in the year and will pack spare wellies, and take the sling with us. And spending a lot more time there than the couple of hours which we did.
There's so much to do, walking for miles along the coastline, playing football, flying kites, building sandcastles, exploring and digging for treasure, perfect for a day out!

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