My Week That Was {2}

Again I am joining in with the fab weekly "My Week That Was" link up, hosted by Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three

Monday: We went to the zoo a lot earlier than usual today. We left at 10.45 although had to stop to get petrol on the way. It took a while to get to the pumps due to idiots blocking the forecourt and not picking a pump.
We decided to hunt the stamps at the zoo so that Charles could collect a medal as we left. As a result we pretty much ignored all of the animals but it was fun as we went to parts of the zoo we don't normally bother with.
We left at around 2.30 and Charles came home so tired that I put him to bed for a nap.

Tuesday: It was a lovely day weather wise again so I got the boys ready and we walked to the petrol station to get bread and yogurts. On the way there Charles decided he needed to put his sunglasses and coat hood up and continued walking around like that in the petrol station. He looked so suspicious but ever so funny.
In the afternoon my friend came over with her 12 week old baby and 2 and a half year old.
Once my husband finished work we all walked to the petrol station to get some money for our naughty kebab dinner.

Wednesday: Charles went to the childminder.
I popped to a friends house to pick up a digger she was offering to anyone for free. It was a lot bigger than I expected but is amazing. As she lives near my mum I went round there for a coffee and a chat which was really nice as we were only distracted by Harry rather than Charles' constant chattering. I then picked charles up and we had lunch then I tried to get him to nap. An hour and a half later he was still awake so we played in the garden.
My husband cooked us dinner tonight which was nice.

Thursday: Yukky day. Weather was nice but it was a tough day. Charles doesn't have a regular wake up time, we normally have to wake him on Wednesdays to get him up and ready to be at the childminders for 8am. As a result he's always over tired that afternoon/the next day. With that and the clocks changing he had a 2 and a half hour nap in the afternoon whilst I got my breath back and relaxed on the sofa with a snoozing baby on my chest.
In the morning we'd received our Sainsburys order and I made a lemon drizzle cake.
When Charles woke from his nap we went for a walk down to the local marshes which was lovely, except it did mean I was behind with dinner and his bedtime.
My husband was on the radio this afternoon covering someone elses show so didn't get home until 8pm.

Friday: I had a dentist appointment this morning so went there and my husband looked after the boys.
I had planned to take the boys to the zoo but the weather was a bit dull and my petrol light is about to come on any minute so instead we just played, watched Mister Maker, danced and once it brightened up a bit we went in the garden. Charles loves his new digger and pretends to be a farmer.
When my husband finished work he suggested we all go for a walk down to the marshes. It was lovely and Charles had a run around for a bit then we came home and all had dinner together.
We bathed the boys and I got soaked despite not being IN the bath!

Saturday: Totally uneventful. Although *breaking news* for the first time in weeks, no, months, I managed to wash, dry AND straighten my hair all in the same day!!
My husband worked in the morning and didn't get home until 1.30 so we always feel a day is wasted and never do much in the afternoon. We did go for a walk to the petrol station again. It was dead due to running out of fuel!

Sunday: We were not sure of the fuel situation and with the fuel light on in my car we didn't make any plans to really go out. We did decide to go to the Transport Museum which is in walking distance. We had to make a trip to Asda and on the way noticed the petrol station had had a delivery this morning so we filled the car up. We decided to take a picnic to the transport museum so in the end we drove there.
We had a fab time riding on the small train, trams and trolleybus and when we left my husband and Charles came home in the car and I walked with Harry due to him being asleep in his pushchair.
We all ended up playing in the garden and I cooked us a roast chicken dinner.
Whilst we were playing in the garden we decided to lift up some paving slabs on our patio which have always annoyed us. There are cement marks on the top where there was once a built in bbq and some fool decided to rip it off! After 5 years of being here we have decided to remove the slabs altogether and will use this area to have a raised vegetable garden! Charles was very excited because it means he can use his digger on "the field" until we've built the surrounding wall and added all of the soil!

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