Yesterday {Y}

 I feel like we've done so much with Charles so far in his life. With holidays, days out, weekends away, parties etc.
I want to do the best I can to keep these experiences fresh in his mind.
To do the best I can to make these experiences memories.
Memories he will remember for the rest of his life.
I can't remember what my first memory is. I have a lot of memories from being young but nothing stands out as the earliest.

Sometimes I am blown away by the things Charles remembers. His sense of direction is amazing and he can remember little details.
For example. When we went to our local air show last year we parked in the nearby Asda car park. We shop at Asda regularly so use this car park all the time. But a month or so ago I parked in the same spot we did when we went to the air show...and Charles remembered. He said "we've come to see the planes again' and at first I had no idea what he was talking about and then it clicked.

I regularly show him photos of our holiday to Lanzarote and as a result I think its really helped to keep his memories alive.
If we don't look at photos we simply talk about things we've done, mostly picking out key moments.
Ie/ going for a walk to the woods and picking pine cones from the trees or going for a walk to the old Roman Town and him running after a stick.
These key things then ignite the smaller memories and bring everything together.

The cute thing about Charles relaying his memories to anyone is that he says he did everything yesterday.
"We went to the woods yesterday."
"We saw a boat yesterday."
"We saw Rhinos yesterday."
"I went to the hairdressers yesterday."
"We went to music group yesterday."
"We went to Lanzarote yesterday."

When I was little I used to say everything was last week or next week. I think its really sweet that Charles seems to do something similar.

Yesterday...in Charles' mind...was a very busy day!

Y for the a-z blogger challenge. Yesterday.

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