Been There, Done That....

....Got The Wedding Dress and The Ring.

My Facebook timeline is full of relationship status updates:
X is now engaged
Y is now married

I was one of the first out of my friends to get a Facebook account and back then I immediately listed myself as married.
The same as Myspace. Back then everyone was either single or in and out of relationships.
I was the only one listed as married.

Its quite odd seeing all this because I've done all that.
I have to remind myself that I was young when I got married.
17-Met my husband
18-Got engaged
19-Got married
23-Pregnant plus gave birth to first baby
25-Pregnant plus gave birth to second baby.

Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out. I get the feeling that if I arranged my wedding now it would be very different.
But then I need to remind myself that the reasons my wedding would be different is because of course I'm older so my tastes are different but also because circumstances have changed with family and friends.
Our wedding guest list now would be tiny.

I find that nowadays, maybe even back when I got married but maybe I didn't notice it, value of things seem to be high on a bride to be's priorities.
Not any old ring will do, oh no.
The price value of a ring counts. The size of the diamond. The colour of the colour. And the shop.
My ring cost "only" £250. Is yellow gold (everyone elses seem to be white gold these days!) And, shock horror, its from H Samuels.
We shopped all day looking for "the one" and nothing stood out. Then at 5:00 we popped to H Samuel and found it. The price didn't matter to me. The size of the diamond didn't matter to me.
We both loved the ring and it felt right.
Its quite chunky compared to other danty engagement rings but it suits me.
My wedding ring cost £70 from Fraser Hart.
After buying it I looked in my wedding scrapbook and realised I had put that exact ring in my book but it was £140...from Ernest Jones. The EXACT same ring!
It has a small row of diamonds and is probably classed as an eternity ring but again, I love it and it suits me.
The price didn't matter at all.
I'm shocked when people say they want an engagement ring which is thousands of pounds and an equally as expensive wedding ring.
No one can see the price when its on your finger.

My wedding dress was "only" £600 and my shoes were £6 from a cheap shoe shop! My bridesmaids dresses (separate bodice and skirt) were....wait for it...from John Lewis and their shoes were from New Look! Their hairclips and my necklace was from Claires Accessories.

I actually get a bit of pleasure when someone slags off dresses from department stores and rings from H Samuels. To see the look on peoples faces of "is she joking? uh oh! She's not!" Then seeing them digging a hole trying to get out of what they've just said.

And one of the best bits.
"We're thinking of a honeymoon in Seychelles or the Maldives. Where did you honeymoon Lauren?"
"5 days at the cheapest hotel at Disneyland Paris. And our room overlooked a car park. It rained most of the time and was full of young foreign children on school holidays."
Again, the look on peoples faces is priceless. But its what we wanted to do. Ok we didn't want a room facing the car park or for it to be full of children, infact we wouldn't pick that hotel again (it was our 2nd time visiting there) but at the time it was what we wanted.

When I started writing this post it was going to be about how I feel as though maybe I'm missing out but in conclusion, I'm glad I'm ahead of everyone else and an "old married".

I'm glad I didn't have to compete with anyone and that I didn't feel inferior because of the things I like being cheaper than what others like.

I'd still like to have a blessing on a cruise ship at some point though. (its on my bucket list)

Although my wedding day would be totally different now, at the time it was perfect and exactly what 19 year old me wanted.

Surely getting married should simply be about that. GETTING MARRIED. Not how much everything cost.
On my wedding day, the most important thing wasn't how much everything cost, it was about becoming a Mrs to my Mr.
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