Homemade Jubilee Decorations {1}

I've never really been into the Royal family before. Growing up I can't recall us ever having to sit down as a family to watch the Queens speech on Christmas Day.

My husband is different to me in this respect as he is "a royalist". He likes us having a royal family and has taught me some of the benefits of us having one.
We do tend to watch the Queens Speech if we can at Christmas.

Last year we celebrated the Royal Wedding with a small party. When I say small I really mean tiny. It was just the three of us.
We put bunting up, had a typical "British" breakfast, lunch and dinner.
It was really lovely.

I think as I get older I can appreciate the Royal Family better because the "new generation" are different.
They are "cooler" and, I guess a bit less formal than past generations. In this I mean I don't feel as intimidated by them as I do by The Queen, Princess Anne etc.
I'd feel quite comfortable meeting Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William and The Duchesses.

One of the special moments for me from the wedding last year was watching my husband tell Charles who each person was as they arrived at the Cathedral.
Charles has still been quite interested in the Royals and recognises the Queen if he see's her on the television.

We want to celebrate the Jubilee this year at home and also seeing if there are any local events.
We still have our Union Jack bunting from last year but, as Charles is now older and is able to craft, my husband has request that we make some decorations.

Today Charles woke up grumpy from a nap so to distract him and cheer him up I let him create using some of my oil pastels.
We grabbed what we could find from the craft box, which happened to be paper plates, and set to work.
It was a joint effort as he was still a bit grumpy and would rather tell me what to draw or make me hold a pastel with him and help him.
We only had one rule which was to only use red, blue and white pastels.
Once we finished decorating the plates Charles said it would be "great" to line them all up, use blue (glue) and sticky tape to stick them together and then tape them onto the door to the playroom.

I'm quite pleased with them. Ok they aren't amazing but they have already helped to get the Jubilee Party mood started!
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