Charles at THREE years old.

I've been writing these posts about Harry every few months and feel its about time to give the biggest boy his own "boast post" where I can gush all about ow amazing and fantastic he is...and when best to post this than on his third birthday.

Never did I think being a mother could be so rewarding. Watching your child grow, learn and experience life and all that it brings can be scary at times, and also overwhelming.

Charles astounds me sometimes. His speech is amazingly clear and he can pick up words immediately.

He's a mixture of a rough and tumble kind of boy with added intelligence. He loves knowing how things are made, where they come from, the sounds they make, what they actually do (eg wind turbines).
He knows all of his body parts and can tell you where your brain and heart are.
He loves coming over and listening to my heart beat.

He is "pro-breastfeeding" and thinks it cures everything. Which, for me, is amazing...even though it does involve me having to "feed" stickers and plastic dinosaurs on occasions.

He wants to know about different countries, towns and cities and how to get to each place (eg fly to Lanzarote, drive or train to Bristol/London)
He wants to know EVERYONES name. He knows his own full name, Harrys full name and mine and my husbands names.

His imagination is amazing and sometimes he has me convinced that things are really here when actually he is just imagining it.

He's into rockets, aliens, cars, trains, dinosaurs. Typical "boy" things but also loves sticking balloons or teddies up his top and pretending to be pregnant.

He is a really caring little boy and constantly tells us to be careful, look out or watch out.

He knows his left from his right, which he picked up within 5 minutes of me teaching him quite a few months ago.
He has a really good sense of direction. Amazingly good in fact. He can direct me home from the supermarket, and infact most places we go to.

He has a fantastic memory which really blows me away sometimes. Especially remembering small details from a year ago which I've forgotten.
Places we go trigger a lot of his memories and sometimes he'll notice something and can tell us when we were last there, who we were with, what we ate etc.
He can count to 20 (sort of) and knows his alphabet (although P is Pig and Z is red)

And the most amazing thing about him his how much of a fantastic big brother he is. Ok sometimes he has sharing problems but we can totally understand it, especially when he's built a big Brio track and Harry comes along and pulls it apart!
He looks out for his brother, grabs him for cuddles and most recently had helped to teach Harry to walk.
He loves playing boo with Harry and making him laugh whenever he can.
He also loves stroking Harry's head when he's having milk and helping him settle to sleep.

He is simply amazing and an absolute superstar.
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