Harry at 11 Months

I can't quite believe the title of this post.
11 months. Well, 11 months and 2 days if you want to be exact.
These past 11 months have gone by so fast. I know everyone says that, but it really really has.

Not too long ago I wrote about how I was feeling about Harry and his arrival and about how things are different than when we had Charles.
Things haven't changed and I still feel as though he doesn't mean as much to others.

I'm encouraging myself everyday to forget about others and remember that at least he means the world to us, but it's still hard.

This past month has brought a mass of development!

He sings row, row, row. He rocks as he "sings" it.
He dances (well bounces and rocks his hips)
He talks a lot. Mostly blurbs but clearly mama, dada, nana.
He screams at Charles sometimes when he gets to close.
He has a terrible temper if you try and take something off him which he shouldn't have.
He claps....!!
Oh and.....HE WALKS!!!
No, I'm not talking about simple cruising. I'm talking about walking.
Proper, walking.
Charles walked just before he turned 10 months (so was 9 months when he walked) so there was a slight pressure on Harry to do well and walk early too.

Harry has been cruising for ages now and standing unaided really well. Catching himself if he went to fall. We'd had the odd one step every now and then but that was just if one of us was holding him and then letting him go. He would balance then step and fall. Most of the time I think "falling with style" played a big part!
And then came Friday....and 5 steps. 5 huge big boy steps.
Saturday was all about lots of small steps and balancing.
Then Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were all about the walking.
I'm amazed at how well he is doing. Amazed at the small quick steps he takes, amazed at his control, and the groan he makes just before he lands on his bottom when he loses control.

So at 10 months old, 4 days before he turned 11 months, my baby proved he is ready to move on from his life as a baby and take the next step [no pun intended] become a toddler.


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