A Most Perfect Third Birthday

On Thursday we celebrated Charles' 3rd birthday.
We planned a special day for him and daddy even took the whole day off work to celebrate with us.
We were due to go to the Dinosaur Park but we visited there the previous Sunday instead which Charles' friends (as a birthday celebration treat)
Firstly we opened presents in the morning. Charles' main present was due to be collected at 9.30 so he only had his presents from his nanny and some tops from us. It was lovely that he would have been satisfied with these presents though as he didn't mention getting anything else.
We got dressed and whilst Charles and I went to Jo Jingles, daddy and Harry went to pick up the big present.
We both really enjoy going to Jo Jingles and the lady who runs it (I really should find out her name!) noticed Charles' 3 today badge sent to him from his Uncle. Towards the end of the session the children were able to play with the bubble machine and then we sung/sang/sung Happy Birthday. It was  funny because Charles just stood there with his head down frowning through embarrassment yet secretly loving the attention.
They then came and collected us from the children's centre and we headed straight home. Charles asked if he had anymore presents to which my husband said no. Charles then proceeded to cry until I said that he MIGHT have more presents, which eventually made him stop.
He walked in the house and we directed him to the playroom where he found his Thomas Bike. He'd chosen this bike but thought he was getting it for Christmas.
He did seem a bit more excited about the helmet at first, which was his present from Harry.

He had a quick sit on it and ride around in the house and then we got both of our pushchairs ready and began our walk to the train station.
We realised almost halfway there that we wouldn't catch the train we were hoping for so diverted to the park for half an hour or so. Charles loved this.
Once we were done at the park we caught the next train to Norwich. There was only 2 carriages and as a result it was pretty tight to pack in with our 2 pushchairs. We folded them up and packed them away and sat down.
We soon realised we were in a carriage with two loud, sweary men and even after a warning from the conductor they didn't stop so we simply moved carriages.
Harry decided to scream most of the way there because he was tired. We soon pulled up at the station and when I stood up I realised my seat was wet, not because of me, and I thought the worst....I've sat in someones wee (it could have been spilt drink...who knows?!) so we made a quick beeline for Matalan so I could get some new, clean leggings.
Then we walked to the bowling alley. This was Charles' first time and we paid for 2 games. We had a few problems with the balls not coming back and skittles getting stuck but we had a really good time and Charles enjoyed it which was the main thing.
He won both games.
When I said "Wow Charles, you won!!" He simply replied with "no mummy, I'm three"

We then went for a dinner treat of Nandos which Charles almost ate all of (wow!!) and made a swift exit after Harry spilt a whole pint of coke over the table and floor.

Then was time for the train home which was a nightmare and we had to stand all the way back....right next to the toilet. Delightful.
We walked back via the park and remembered the speed boat racing was on. We saw a couple of boats but after eating ice creams we were too bored and a bit chilly so walked home. We went the picture-esque way back through the marshes and played dodge the slugs!
We also discovered a helicopter! and some almost shipwrecked like boats (photos to follow in a separate post)

Charles said he had "the most perfect birthday ever" and really enjoyed himself. It was wonderful to see him smile and to be so happy.

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