Our Jubilee Weekend...

Ok it was a week ago I know but I really wanted to write a post about our Jubilee weekend.
We were really looking forward to the 4 day weekend, although for us it's more like 3 and a half day weekend as my husband works Saturday morning.
On Saturday Harry's godmother and her daughter, Charles' girlfriend, came over and played until 3 o clock. We had cake for Harry's Godmothers birthday which was the day before and I made lunch.
After they left we headed to the supermarket to buy food for the barbeque we had planned with Harry's other godparents and their children the following day. Harry hasn't seen his other Godmother for 7 months now so we were really looking forward to seeing them.
We spent a lot of money on food and drink, had no room left in our fridge. We were a bit disappointed in the morning when we woke up to rain but my husband said the barbeque would still go ahead.
I then checked my phone and they had cancelled on us......

My husband then invited 2 of his friends over to help us use up some of the food and drink we'd bought. Thankfully we have Charles birthday celebrations over the next couple of weeks so froze some of the burgers and buns to have then.
We watched the boat parade on the tv. Charles really liked watching the Queen and soon picked up the names of all of the Princes. He was shocked to find out that there was a Prince Charles and a Prince Harry and asked "Where's Prince Mummy and Prince Daddy?".

On Monday the weather was much better, albeit a bit windy, and we continued with our plans to visit the Jubilee Party at Pakefield. My husband used to live in a flat right on the beach, exactly where the party was taking place, so it was special to go there.
The boys had a little explore and dance on the green and we had some food from the barbeque.
It was incredibly windy and as we walked back to the car it started to rain.
Still we then had a short trip to Kessingland to see if anything was going on there but all their celebrations had ended. Instead we sat at our favourite pub and had a drink and listened to the live music they had playing in their car park.
Then we headed home.
I had to drop something off at my dads so Charles came with me as we drove there. We picked up a Chinese on the way home and watched some of the Concert on the television.

At 9.30pm we all got dressed up warm and headed to Pakefield again, this time to watch the beacon being lit.
I couldn't quite believe the amount of disapproving looks we had for taking our children out so late! It was a special occasion and something we personally felt they needed to be involved in. They are the next generation after all and we need to teach them how important this kind of event is.
The Beacon Ceremony here was pretty simple and uneventful. We were a tiny disappointed as we looked along the coast and saw that Kessingland had a huge bonfire on the beach and another coastal town was setting off fireworks.
What we did have though was the most amazing view of the moon. We watched as it rose from behind the horizon to being really high in the sky. It was a big full moon too and was simply stunning. Charles was amazed.

On Tuesday we went for a walk to the marshes in the morning and then went home and watched the Parade on the television.
We had yet another barbeque and then I cooked a Roast Duck dinner with a strawberry and meringue tower dessert.

We had a really lovely long weekend and I loved teaching Charles about our Royal Family, and learning lots myself.
It's a weekend I will never forget.


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