When The Summer Is Here....

I've always said I'm a fan of every season and I don't really have a favourite. Despite that the weather recently is starting to make me quite angry. Especially with Charles' birthday coming up. I hate not being able to plan days out.
Today for example, I have no bread in the house, and really should go out and get some more baby wipes as our supply is very low but the rain and wind is disgusting and I don't want to take the boys out.
We are supposed to be going to a farm on Sunday and are taking two of Charles' friends and their mummies with us but the weather forecast is changing everyday. So at the moment we are unable to finalise plans as we don't know if we can venture outdoors or need to hide inside and attempt softplay instead.

I'm grateful that at least we've had a few nice days and we've been able to get in the garden for some outdoor play. My husband has also made a start on building the wall for his vegetable garden. (although has left it too late to grow and vegetables this year!)
Charles has also learnt how to swing on his "big boy swing". We've somehow had to keep the baby seat attached to the swing too incase Harry wants to go on there.

Harry looks a bit evil on the first photo! He loves balls and was crawling after it and had just managed to catch it and kept bopping it.



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