Last Minute Weekend Plans

My husband presents the Saturday Breakfast show on our local Heart Radio Station. He leaves before we are awake and get in at around 1 o clock in the afternoon. He also works, from home in our converted garage, in the week so we only really get one and a half days together as a family.
Saturdays are pretty rubbish normally as once he's had lunch it's too late to go out for the day. Although we should use these afternoons to go swimming, we keep saying this yet never do it.

Anyway, we were due to go to my mother in laws the Sunday just gone. She normally works on a Friday and Saturday night but had taken this weekend off and came over Friday to stay overnight. She has to get a bus over here, well two buses in fact so it's quite a journey for her.
She planned to go into the city with my husband Saturday morning and therefore leaving before we woke up.
I had planned to meet a friend at a fete which was taking place at the Community Centre near us, and on Friday night asked my mother in law to stay so she could come to the fete with us. At first she said no because of the hassle of getting home, especially as she has 3 cats which would need to be fed, and my husband offered to drive her home. I then had a lightbulb moment and suggested maybe we could go back with her and stay over. She thought this was a great idea.

We headed to the fete on Saturday and although it wasn't what we expected it to be (lack of stalls, very quiet) we had a fantastic time. Charles played on the bouncy castles and bouncy slide, played with the dj/entertainer (they seemed to take a shine to each other and Charles became the star of the show....very proud mummy moment) and he even had his face painted for the first time.

We left at around 1.30 and then drove to my mother in laws. Both of the boys fell asleep in the car and I got to catch up with my book (which is not 50 Shades of Grey by the way!)
When we got to my mother in laws we popped to Tesco and picked up some things for dinner the next day and some shorts for Charles which were £3, originally £8! Bargain. Although they are too big and need a belt which we didn't realise until we put them on the next day.
That evening we popped to the local Sports Centre which has a pub. We sat outside after Charles had something to eat and the boys played on the huge field. They ended up playing with two other boys they had played with, well who Charles had played with, last year which was great and we had a lovely chat with their parents. 
It made me quite sad to leave as all four boys got on well and we got on really well with their parents too. We went home, ordered an Indian and all went to bed at 10.30 due to all being unable to keep our eyes open any longer....all apart from Harry who made me think he was asleep. Just as I drifted off he stuck his finger in my mouth, started laughing and then sat up. Cheeky!

Sunday I popped to Tesco again with my mother in law and she kindly bought Charles some very very cool purple skinny jeans and Harry some stripey dungarees which I found hidden at the back of some other clothes. Very good find.
My sister in law also came for lunch and bought Charles his birthday present which was a really lovely check shirt, which he refused to try on.
I then popped into town with my mother in law and she bought the boys some cheap garden style chairs to use. They both loved them. The chairs have a dog on the back of them which Harry thought was hilarious and he kept talking to it and laughing at it.

After dinner the boys and my husband popped to see my husbands dad who lives in the same town. I am not welcome there anymore so I stayed with my mother in law and we had a real heart to heart for around an hour which was fantastic.

We had an amazing weekend and I was so glad the she stayed came to the fete with us and let us stay at hers Saturday night, especially as Harry and I took over her bed causing her to sleep on the sofa. 
It was lovely for Charles to spend so much time with her too as he only normally see's her for a couple of hours every 6ish weeks (maybe more than that)

I didn't ever expect to see her running around a field with Charles, and another boy, with her arms out wide pretending to be an airplane.
5 years ago she told us not to have grandchildren yet as she wasn't ready to be a grandma. She isn't very maternal, by her own admissions but since having the boys has discovered a side of herself she didn't know was there.
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