Our Own Private Beach

I feel really lucky being a stay at home mum for many reasons. Getting to watch the boys grow everyday, spending almost every minute with them, knowing it was me that taught them the majority of things that they know and do.
I also love the fact that we can take advantage of things on our doorstep without having to wait until the weekend. For example, the zoo. I feel really at home at the zoo....that's come out a bit different to what I mean, I'm not saying I belong at the zoo but I feel almost like it's my territory in a way because I go there so often. I feel really comfortable there. I feel safe there (when I'm not having a hard time with my anxiety, in which case I feel very very unsafe there but fight it so that the boys are not affected by it too)
At weekends the zoo can be really busy and part of the reason for us going there sometimes is simply to use their park. Going in the weekday means we can enjoy the playground without it being overrun by big boys and girls.
Equally it's great getting the beach to ourselves. Even if just for 5 minutes.
There's a feeling of being naughty when the beach is so clean and tidy and you walk on it leaving your footsteps on the otherwise untouched golden sand.
A couple of weeks ago we popped to the beach. The weather was reasonably pleasant, not terribly hot but a little bit warm although there was quite a strong wind. I blogged about our visit to the church after we went to the beach but hadn't quite got round to posting our beach photos.
We sat on the beach maybe only for half an hour, maybe even less and eventually left after spotting some great clouds. It was a bit too windy to be down there and I dread to think how much sand we ate or how much came home with us in our hair/clothes.

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