Personal Goals

Following my appointment yesterday to work through my anxiety I was asked to come up with a goal. Something I'd like to achieve in 2 months.
This 'something' has to involve facing a fear and facing my anxiety, and we've decided to go with me taking the boys somewhere alone, which yes I do now as you've seen by previous posts but this is working on places I am scared to go to for various reasons, or staying somewhere longer than usual (because I let my anxiety take over and end up leaving)

It seems I have further things to work on than the anxiety, which I'll post about separately and if/when I'm ready.

At the time I couldn't think of anything to achieve. It's typical that your mind goes blank at moments like this isn't it.
Since being home I've had a real think about it and come up with three things I want to achieve.


I will set deadlines once I feel ready.

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