Rain, Mud and Ugg Boots

Back in May I took the boys for a mid afternoon stroll around the field opposite our house. The weather seemed fine, although we needed coats, so I put on my Ugg boots and Charles put on his nice big boy Clarks shoes.
As we started our walk around the field, once we struggled getting the pushchair through the thin, steep footpath.
We'd been walking for around 15 minutes when all of a sudden it started to rain. We hoped it would pass so carried on walking.....
Both Charles and I ended up soaked, our shoes were almost ruined and I almost got the pushchair completely stuck in thick mud but thankfully was able to pull it out.
Despite the trauma of the weather we still had fun and were able to take some lovely photos.
Charles wasn't as grumpy as he looks on some of them by the way.


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