We Should Do This More Often

I think this is one of the most overused sayings in our house. This morning (as I write this its Saturday evening) we went swimming. We is me, Charles, Harry and my mum. My husband works every Saturday morning, my mum works every other Saturday morning. The Saturday she doesn't work she will normally come round and see us until my husband is due home. When she is round I'm either sent to do my housework or have to deal with one boy as she deals with the other.

Yesterday (Friday) I sat and thought about things I want to do with the boys but can't do by myself or don't want to do by myself (park). I had the biggest pile of ironing to sort through, clothes to put away but I felt like I needed to get out. Get away from the home environment and enjoy the boys with someone else. And enjoy some quality time with my mum. With that I phoned her and asked if she'd like to go swimming. She said yes so I checked swim times, and seeing that the pool was open 10-12 was determined to go.

We got there at 10.30 on Saturday morning and got out at 12, when a voice over the loud speaker "ordered" us and everyone else to leave (politely of course) We went to a different pool to the ones we've been too before which we stopped going to because they were SO cold.
We had the most amazing time. My mum and I were taking it in turns to swim under Harry, once Charles got comfortable and confident he was swimming by himself, he went down the toddler slide and was dunked under properly for the first time (with my mum).
Harry loved it, seriously loved it. He sat the whole time in his swim seat and didn't moan at all. We thought he was going to go to sleep a couple of times he was so chilled out.
At one point he had gripped on to my hair so I was swimming and pulling him along using my hair as a lead. It was very funny.
They also have a wave machine at this pool so we enjoyed that. Charles had to tell me when the waves were coming so we could jump as they came near us. We find the deeper you are the better it is to keep control as the waves aren't so powerful.

After we got out we got dressed and then headed to find some chocolate stars for Charles. He always needs chocolate stars after swimming, nothing else, just chocolate stars.
My mum treated me and her to a 99 with a flake, Harry was given my flake.
We drove home and for the rest of the day I had a smile on my face.

I find myself saying "we should do this more often" a lot.
Going swimming we say it, going to the park, going to toddler group, seeing my nan and so on.
I suggested that we go swimming once a month and have it as a "routine" thing that we do. My mum agreed. But whether or not we do it is another thing. Something else always seems to come up.

I need to make promises to do these things so I stick to them so I'm not stuck in the loop of saying "We should do this more often".
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