A Very Hot, A-Maze-ing Day

 We went to a local Maize Maze today to celebrate one of Charles' friends third birthday.
The weather was over 30 degrees and stupid me decided to wear skinny jeans! Which I soon regretted.
If you ever saw the episode of Friends where Ross wore leather trousers....that!

Despite being so hot my two boys enjoyed the couple of hours we were there. They both played in the sand pit and the various toys available and whilst we walked around the maze Harry slept and Charles explored. At various times we thought we were lost but I used my super dooper direction skills and raced ahead and found the exit!

The journey home was a bit of a nightmare. I found some lovely country roads but Charles was sick. I think due to the hot weather.
We had a fab couple of hours though, it was a shame it ended so soon but we may go back simply so the boys can play in the sand pit and other toys without me worrying so much about them escaping due to the wooden fence keeping them in.

We were grateful for our padding pool when we got home.


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