Birthday List: Number 27

As my birthday creeps ever closer I have already set myself the task of writing my Birthday Present Wishlist. I've made a Birthday and Christmas list every year since I can remember. I don't expect everything on my list, but I find it easier to say to someone "here's my list" if they ask me what I'd like. That way they get me something they know I'll appreciate and like, or can get me vouchers for stores they can see would suit me from my list.

I won't even get a quarter of what's on this list but anything I don't get will then be added to my Christmas list.
One thing on this list was on last years Birthday and Christmas list so I'm desperate for it this year (Fingerprint Charm)
I know I am getting 1 from the list from my mum, I am far too good at guessing  and ruined my surprise...as I always do. (I should be a detective)

I have a feeling that a couple of things will end up being birthday presents to me, from me, as I am so desperate for them.
Brat? Me? Never.
Fussy? Maybe.

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