I Am a Butlins Ambassador

Friday was a day I had been looking forward to for months. I saw a tweet from Jax aka liveotherwise promoting Butlins new search for ambassadors. I was really excited about this and applied straight away. My husband had his reservations, he still thought of Butlins as a Hi-De-Hi-esque holiday camp. I reminded him that times had infact changed and it was no longer like that. And that we also had the opportunity to stay at one of the fantastic hotels in Bognor Regis.

It just so happened that when we visited my mother-in-law and went to the sports centre near her for drinks that we got talking to a couple who mentioned, out of the blue, that they had holidays at a Bognor Regis hotel. They couldn't have been more complimentary.

"It wouldn't look out of place at the South of France" 

Well, my husband straight away made sure I had put in our application.
Friday honestly consisted of me refreshing my email, my Twitter feed and the announcers twitter feed all morning. Then, the time came....I saw a list of names appear. I didn't see mine and in all honestly I was gutted. I counted the names on the first tweet. 10. There were 4 tweets. So I automatically assumed all 4 tweets consisted of 10 names....I previously knew that there were 40 bloggers chosen in total to be Ambassadors. Until I noticed on the last tweet that it ended with a three lettered word....and...
I stood and said out loud "Please be me. It won't be me. Is it me? Please be me. It's not me"
And then......
Not clear but you can roughly see

I might have cried just a tiny bit. Ok, a lot.
I am definitely still on cloud 9.
We've had a rubbish year with things breaking down (cars, dishwasher, washing machine, husbands air con unit for work, netbook) so we haven't been able to afford a holiday so a family trip to Butlins is much needed.

We are all so excited, especially after browsing their website in depth whilst we chose our perfect stay.

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