An Early Birthday Present

Last year I decided I wanted to learn to sew and set myself the challenge of making some bunting. I'm slack with this challenge but as the end of the year is swiftly approaching I decided to get my bum in gear.
I didn't quite realise just how excited I would be at the prospect of creating some bunting for the boys bedrooms. I've fallen in love with so many fabrics so am yet to buy any until I can settle on which one's I want. I also have other ideas I hope to create for the boys rooms too.
So, I have a pad of paper I am using to jot down ideas and sketch out possible creations. I've also made a list of things I need to get this hobbie going.

Today we went for a visit to a local(ish) zoo. As we arrived and walked to the entrance I was enticed by a shop selling all things second hand and vintage.
I was surprised when my husband said he didn't mind popping over to have a look, and was grateful for that when I fell in love with a sewing box.
I became really excited and checked that it opened, checked the condition, checked the price, checked the price again, and checked the price again.
I said that if the shop accepted card payment I would be buying the box there and then. That's when my wonderful husband said he would buy me the box as an extra birthday present.
The shop didn't accept cards but the lovely lady who worked in there put the box to the side for me to purchase after we had visited the zoo and had been to the shop over the road to get some cash.

I can't wait to fill it up with needles, pins, pretty ribbon, an assortment of buttons, tape measure, scissors and may home a gorgeous owl pin cushion I am lusting after.

Look at her, isn't she beautiful.

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