My Birthday Week That Was

I can't believe how quickly this week has gone. I can't work out whether or not it's because it was my birthday week and we had a few things going on or if it's due to Charles being at Preschool so the week now having some kind of structure that then makes me notice the time.

Anyway, the week has now gone and here is what we got up to.

Monday: Charles had his first morning Preschool session. I'm rubbish with schedules and routines and find I end up rushing at the last minute all the time. He takes forever to eat his breakfast so this morning was no exception. I left Harry at home with my husband and drove Charles to preschool and we got there with time to spare.
Within no time at all I was collecting him from Preschool. I can't even remember what I did in the morning whilst he was there. I know I tried to watch This Morning but instead had to watch Mickey Mouse, although did have a long cuddle with Harry which didn't involve having to feed him.
After lunch I decided I had to go and buy a plant. I'm odd in that if I have an idea of something I want to buy I then can't settle until I've bought it.
We went to a garden centre and bought some soil, mint, sage, heather, a gorgeous purple plant (the name escapes me) and some sewing bits n bobs.
Then we came home, Charles planted some tulips and daffodils ready for Spring next year and after the boys had their dinner I went to my mums which was nice. We went for a walk with the four dogs she was looking after and then when I got home I had a gorgeous Indian takeaway with my husband.
Tuesday: Was my 27th birthday. I blogged about it, and the surprises it entailed, here.

Wednesday: In the morning we lounged around watching TV, playing in the garden. My brother popped round for a bit to see us and I made some sausage rolls.
I took Charles to preschool then my mother in law came over in the afternoon and stayed overnight. We picked Charles up from preschool, popped to Next to pick up a parcel. Harry fell asleep when we got home, and therefore wouldn't sleep at bedtime, and Charles built a big Brio track.

Thursday: I was due to take Harry to Jo Jingles for the first time today but had no one to look after Charles so had to cancel. I've taken my name off this term as I don't want to start a week late.
We popped to Next to return some items, Pets at Home to get cat food and kitty litter and then stopped at an Antiques shop on the way home.
It was a rush to get Charles ready for preschool today but we got him there on time.
My brother then turned up at around 3:15 and we decided we'd take Charles' bike to preschool so he could ride it home. Well, my brother rode it a quarter of the way there and because we were messing around take photos and videoing him we were a couple of minutes late collecting him. He was so excited to see that we'd brought his bike and he raced home!
My brother stayed and played with the boys for a bit then we said our goodbyes as he was leaving for Bristol the next day.

Friday: Housework, playing and watching Polar Express mostly occurred this morning, and then Charles had preschool in the afternoon again. We picked a couple of blackberries on the way home and plan to take a tub this week so we can eat them when we get home.

Saturday: I went shopping to Matalan with my mum and the boys whilst my husband was at work. I was able to buy a few bits with birthday money which made me feel fantastic.
My mum then treated us to a McDonalds and we went back to hers so I could straighten my hair.
We left hers and went home at around 3 and then she came to ours at 5:30 to babysit the boys.
Charles helped me get ready and decided he should do his hair.
We went to Norwich to meet up with my sister in law, her husband and my mother in law and we to Yo Sushi. We got home at 11:30.

Sunday: Lazy morning. My husband popped to Asda and when he came back I made us all a Full English. I didn't get dressed until 1 which is unusual for me!
We then went for a walk. We planned to go to a forest but couldn't find it so stopped at the Heath for a walk instead. We wanted to practice my husband carrying Harry in the Connecta and Charles with the Boomerein.
We then went home, and I cooked a roast beef dinner.


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