My Favourite Cookbook {Show Me, Show Me}

When I moved in with my husband I was delighted when my mum gave me a couple of cookbooks. There was one in particular that I was really happy with. I remember it being in the kitchen every single day as I grew up.
The book is older than me! This is clear by the state of it. It's ripped, covered in stains and old pieces of food but it adds to it's character.

I use it LOADS and despite gaining more cookbooks over the years I always call on this one first.
Some of the recipes are so "old skool" and are really dated. You would be embarressed to serve them up these days, but the others are classics and are really fresh compared to most recipes these days.
I also love this book because you can easily take the older recipes and make them modern, or put your own twist on them.

I hope it stands the test of time so I can pass it on to one of my boys.

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