RADAR Museum {Family Days Out}

Being married to a radio man and producer of jingles and adverts means I regularly have to visit places that normally may not interest me. I have to look at amazingly tall transmitters and old masts and so on.
I'm not complaining, it can be quite interesting, and as his wife I have to be interested in the things he is.

On Bank Holiday Monday we visited the RADAR Museum at Neatishead. I expected it to be really boring and to want to leave as soon as possible but in the end it was quite the opposite. I wanted to stay as long as possible.

There were seperate rooms which contained different artifacts. These were probably my favourite at first as I love looking at old typewriters, old medical equipment, fashion and old cameras.
My ultimate favourite thing at the museum had to the the control room. It was amazing. You walk in and it really takes your breath away.

The museum is run by volunteers which I love. I love how passionate they are and how they can never do enough for you.
We talked to one man, called Harold, who talked to us about Lowestoft, my home town which he happened to be born in too, and how it was bombed in the war. We could have talked to him for a long time. He was really really lovely.
It turns out this man was born a few doors down from a house my dad used to own. 

Not only was I surprised at me enjoying the museum, but both boys seemed to too. Charles asked questions about certain things and of course Harry didn't understand any of it but they really seemed interested in what was around them.
Charles loved being able to sit in an old cockpit but stood up, was helped down by daddy and kept shouting "I'm so brave! I'm so brave! It was really scary in there".
All three of them were very excited about the missile that greeted us outside. Even Harry was excited by it...it was almost like he knew what it was.

I'm really glad we went and that the boys experienced it. I think it's so important to teach children at a young age by going to museums as it's a fun way of learning about our past without just reading books or being spoken to by a teacher.
We have faced critisism for taking our children on "boring days out" but we are proud of it and know that the boys both gain a lot from it.

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