A Day at the Farm

Back in July we visited one of my favourite places in this area. Wroxham Barns. I have happy memories of going there with my mum, dad and brother when I was younger.
My mum used to hire out a craft space and sell her lovely glass painting and ceramic plates and my brother and I would spend almost all day in the Junior Farm. The staff got to know us and we would be allowed to help out where we could.

We took Charles a couple of time in the past but this was the first time Harry went. Annoyingly my SD card only had 14 photos available so I was limited in the photos I could take.

We all got to bottle feed a lamb which was fantastic as always. I was teamed up with Harry and Charles was teamed up with my husband. Both boys did a fantastic job at keeping the bottle still and making it easy for the orphan lamb to have his/her milk.
The boys also enjoyed feeding the goats, cows, donkeys and sheep. I was the only one who chickened out and couldn't quite bring myself to have my hand slobbered on.

We had a lovely day although with prices going up and changes to the layout we didn't enjoy it as much as hoped.

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