Burgess Excel and Monster Pet Supplies {Review}

This year my rabbit, named Bunny, turned two. He's not the tamest of rabbits so doesn't get as much as attention as I'd like to give him. In the Spring and Summer months we give him as much fuss as we can. He goes into his run daily, sometimes for an hour or sometimes all day (as long as it isn't too wet or due to rain)

Rabbits always seem to easy to feed. With their normal food and then apples and/or carrots for a treat and of course a big pile of hay to munch through.
I know there are other vegetables they can have but when I search the Internet I face conflicting views and stick to the above basics.

When Monster Pet Supplies offered to send Bunny some Burgess Excel food I agreed. I was only expecting some pellets or other form of mix and maybe some hay.
I didn't expect the huge box that arrived!
We were sent:
Excel Chamomile Herbage (500g)
Burgess Excel Hay Birch Bark Herbage (500g)
Burgess Excel Hay Forage (1kg)
Burgess Excel Rabbit Food with Oregano, Adult.
Burgess Excel Nature Snacks Gnaw Sticks
Burgess Excel Nature Snacks Mountain Herbs (120g)

As well as a bowl, a tub to keep the rabbit food in and a small water bottle.

I couldn't believe there was so many different hays and herbage available that I didn't know about!
I've always quite liked the smell of normal rabbit food, hay, straw and so on. These smell even better than the previous products I've purchased and used, with Bunny and with the rabbit I had over 10 years ago.
The best way to describe how nice the smell is would be to compare it to Pot Pourri.
The rabbit seemed to get very excited just as soon as I opened the packaging. He could instantly smell the goodies inside. I was stuck for choice with what to give him first.

Just a week after we first got the rabbit a friend gave us some dandelion leaves. She failed to mention that a few days previous she had sprayed all the weeds in her garden with weed killer! This we found out after we had taken the poor thing to the vets and had been told he may not make it over the weekend. Since then I'm always careful with new foods I give him, so we've taken our time in reviewing these foods so I can see if he has any reactions to the food and also to see which ones he enjoyed the most.

The Rabbit Food with Oregano went very quickly, as did the mountain herbs snacks.
In fact I was about to list the favourite in terms of herbage yet he loves them all. I think it was nice for him to have a mix of different flavours and to have some variety.

These were delivered around the 7th of September and we still have a lot of the herbage left. It lasts such a long time which is fantastic.

I'm a happy bunny owner.
And he's a happy bunny.
We were sent a selection of Burgess Excel goodies from Monster Pet Supplies. All words above are honest and my own.
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