Buttons and Pin Boards

For a while now I've had three pin boards waiting to be put up in the boys bedrooms. With us still redecorating we haven't yet got round to choosing where abouts the pin boards will be hung so they have just been living behind a cabinet.
A couple of days ago I decided it was time to really get a move on with things. So, I got the pin boards out from behind the cabinet and looked at them. I had one idea to spruce them up but felt it would be too fiddly and not really in fitting with the boys bedrooms and then a word came into my head.
I headed straight to Ebay and bought 3 bags of assorted buttons. I decided on Primary colours for Charles (although the seller sent me 'Patriotic' by mistake!) and Citrus for Harry.
Once they arrived I straight away started on the pin boards. Despite the colour mistake I still used the red, white, and blue buttons for Charles' board.

I used some PVA Glue, brushed it onto the frame of the pin board and the pin board itself and then arranged my buttons as I wanted them. For the blue board I did want buttons that went all the way round but I didn't have enough.
I painted Harry's frame blue, and yes I did accidently get paint on the pin board itself but figured it didn't matter as it would be covered with artwork or simiar anyway.

Still I'm really pleased with the end result. Although, I always assosiate red, white and blue with everything American so to make it more British we glued a Union Jack Flag onto the board, which made Charles very happy.

(The glue is still wet in these photos, hense the shiny-ness)




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