My Top Kitchen Appliance

At the end of 2011 everything started breaking down: netbook, clutch on husbands car, washing machine.
We only replaced the netbook a couple of months ago, with a second hand laptop from my husbands work. Our washing machine was replaced pretty quickly, and my husbands car was of course, fixed immediately.

They say bad things happen in three's and we hoped that was our three done and dusted.
2012 came round and the bad luck continued.
Until my car then starting to make clunky noises and wouldn't get into great properly.
After a few very dangerous trips and it breaking down a couple of times we took it off the road and just after 3 weeks my husband replaced it with a lovely little run around for me.

One evening I had gone out to get us some dinner. The car struggled getting into gear and I had to phone my husband. As he answered I could tell something was wrong. The dishwasher had broken down. There was water all over the floor.
It was a broken pipe and although it was fixed thanks to a plumber, another problem then occured and we soon realised we needed to choose a new one.
We went straight onto the internet to compare dishwashers and eventually made our choice. The dishwasher was delivered the very next day.

We had been so used to having a dishwasher that to be without one, even just for one dinnertime, was a real shock to the system.
Having a dishwasher saves so much time. Time which used to be spent washing up is now halved, if not less than that, by simply filling as you go throughout the day.
We first bought a dishwasher when we lived in Cambridgeshire. My husband worked long hours and my work hours were all over the place, some days I worked until 6 and other days I finished earlier. I also worked a lot of extra hours, mostly when the store had closed, so our time together was precious and limited.
We found that by having a dishwasher we were able to get back a few of those minutes by not having to stand in the kitchen washing up, drying up and so on.

There are so many dishwashers on the market. Countertop, slimline, built-in. Sometimes it can be daunting to choose which one to go for. You don't have to spend a lot of money on a dishwasher, especially with so many dishwasher deals which will ensure you are getting the best product for your budget.

Our dishwasher is a big part of our lives and the one kitchen appliance we now could not live without. It's the one kitchen appliance I think every household needs, especially a household with children!

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