Goals For 2013

Last year, on this date, I posted my goals for 2012. Looking back over that list I was really pleased with how I did.
I find that "resolutions" always seem to carry a lot of pressure, and I've just always felt are quite throw away and not very serious.
Goals, aspirations, ambitions, targets, objectives, whatever you choose to call them, are now going to play a big part in my life at the start of a new year. Sometimes life can become to routine, too similar and it can become quite frustrating. I rarely get time to be me, to switch off from being mummy, even as I write this, at 10:30 on Wednesday, my shoulders are tense and my ears pricked up waiting for Harry to wake up.
My craft projects, which I completed last year gave me a release. I was Lauren as I pinned the cushion together, as I sewed the binding onto the binding, and as I cut out every 2p sized circle of felt for our Christmas trees.
As I attempted to make sausage rolls, mince pies and Salmon quiche I was excited at the end result, achieving something I had always wanted to, even though it's only food and not a make or break promotion with a big company.
I digress.
So, 2013 will involve simple yet achievable goals.

For years, since I have attempted and failed at a photo a day project.
I'm not giving up in my quest to one day succeed with this task. So for 2013 I will try once more BUT I won't put pressure on myself to upload everyday, or set up another blog. The logical way of doing it seems to be the same way Lucy (Dear Beautiful) runs her project, that being an "Our Week In Photos" style set up. I see this as being a relaxed yet organised and structured way to do the project.
So once again: Complete a 365 Project.

I'd like to keep up with the craft work I have started and  would like to make a lot more, for us and other people. Homemade gifts seem to really be appreciated by our mum's at least so I will make a real effort to make birthday and Christmas gifts. I'd also like to concentrate on decorating and updating our bedroom. I want to do this as much as I can by making things myself with photo items, cushions, wall art and other decorative items.
Keep up with crafts: redecorate bedroom using items made by me and make presents for birthdays and Christmas.

Following on from last year, I would still like to make my own jam and chutney. This may even link well with my second goal of homemade presents. A hamper of jams and chutney made by my own fair hands, what a lovely present that would be.
Make chutney and jams.

To get me out of the house, away from being mummy/wife for just an hour, I would really love to learn a new skill, or at least attempt one. I won't even put pressure on myself to join the college or similar, even a one off workshop would count.
Learn a new skill and/or attend a workshop.

I also want to set myself some short term goals too. Whereas with the others I have all year to do them but with these I am only giving myself until the end of April.

Go for a walk (not including the walk to Preschool) once a week.
Take the boys to the park twice a month (might not sound like much but it's a big step for me as I have a real phobia of the park)
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