Trying To Feel Christmassy

I started my Christmas shopping at the end of October. Being a housewife it's a case of buy presents as soon as you have the money.
Obviously this is good as it means I don't have to run to my husband and ask him nicely for money so I can buy him some presents, but it also means that come December, I have hardly any shopping to do and therefore feel a tiny bit deprived of Christmas spirit.

We all spent the first half of December ill in someway and with my husband working a lot, including weekends, it feels as though we haven't had much time to do anything fun and Christmas related as a family.
We have made cards, gift tags, pictures and a few decorations but I felt we were missing out on things outside of the house.

Yesterday {Wednesday) Charles had his Christmas party at Preschool and Father Christmas visited, due to this we decided to not take him and Harry to a Grotto this year. We want to avoid him seeing too many Father Christmasses so he doesn't ask questions as to why some of them sound or look different, and lets face it, Harry is hardly missing out as he doesn't understand it all yet.

For the last 15 minutes the preschool children sang for the parents, we thought this would be Christmas themed but it wasn't so much as Charles was upset as he thought he would be singing on the stage but instead was just sat on a chair, as a result he decided to not sing at all.
As I drove us all home I thought that this was my opportunity to now do something with the boys which involved Christmas.
I dropped my husband off and simply went to a local garden centre to look at their lights. We were there for around half an hour if not more, even though the display was only small but I was mesmerised by the beautiful decorations, mostly looking at some wondering how Kirsty Allsopp I could recreate it.

I chose to buy the boys a decoration for the tree each. As a special gift just for the sake of it but also to say sorry for hardly putting any effort in this year.
I take comfort in knowing that next year will be the first year Harry will understand about the Father Christmas tradition so it will be my chance to redeem myself.



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