{Alphabet Adventure} From Africa to Zoo

I was recently inspired by Capture by Lucy and a fantastic idea she had whilst out for a walk with her family. Rather than a walk in the countryside they took part in an Alphabet Adventure.
I loved this idea and with us due to go to the zoo I thought it would be great to make the trip a little more exciting by doing an Alphabet Adventure too.
Obviously in places we had to use our imaginations [Q and X] but we had lots of fun. Charles helped me find the letters on signs and already knew that C was for..... and G was for....and he also helped to take the photos.

A: Africa Alive, Antelope, Aardvark
B: Barbary Sheep, Bats, Bridge
C: Cheetah, Cat, Chimpanzee
D: Drums, Deer, Duck
E: Enclosure, Encounters
F: Feathers, Fox, Flamingo
G: Goat, Gineaufowl, Gate
H: Horn
I: Island
J: Jumping
K: Kingdom [of the Lions}
L: Lions
M: Map, Meerkats, Monkeys
N: New
O: Otters, Ostrich, Owl
P: Picnic, Parrot, Park
Q: Quiet
R: Rhino
S: Snake, Stork, Stamp
T: Train, Tail, Turtle
U: Umbrellas
V: Vulture
W: Water, Welcome, White Stork, White Rhino, Woodland Walk
X: eXcited, eXhausted
Y: Yellow
Z: Zebra, Zoo

We really enjoyed our Alphabet Adventure and I think this will be something we will do again on other days out. 
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