I Heart...Family Days on the Norfolk Coast

I can't recall ever really being aware of how beautiful the North Norfolk Coast is until I met my husband.
I've mentioned Holkham and Wells before.
We decided on Sunday morning to visit one or the other of these places, we actually ended up visiting both.
We didn't anticipate how windy it would be! As we got out of the car at the Holkham car park we looked at each other with that "should have stayed at home" expression.

Well, we'd already paid for parking and the boys were excited to be going to the seaside so we wrapped up warm and fought against the wind to get to the woodland area. Here the wind wasn't so bad, due to being sheltered.
The boys walked around, clearly wanting to cause mischief.
We headed towards the beach area. There is a slope leading from the woodland down to the beach. We decided that, despite there being a clear-ish sandy path to walk around the beach, the majority of it was too muddy and wet to venture on to .Well, Harry wasn't impressed with this and followed his brother down the slope....except he fell over, and due to it being quite a steep slope, he ended up stuck with his bottom in the air as he struggled to stand up. Maybe we were cruel for laughing but it was very entertaining.

After a walk around we decided to head back to the car due to being too cold and Charles having so much sand in his snowboots that he wanted to walk around with nothing on! Not recommended when the sand is home to thousands of rabbit poops and hidden dog poops!

So, we drove to nearby Wells, which actually on a nice day is in walking distance, and stopped for chips and sausage/pie. We all really enjoyed this, even the boys! And then we headed home along the lovely coast roads.


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