My Week That Was {5}

Monday: Charles went to preschool in the morning. Once I collected him we had lunch and played for a couple of hours. We then headed into town so the boys and my husband could have a haircut.
Once the boys had their dinner we had fun doing our Family Portrait.

Tuesday: I still need to get the hang of doing something with the boys in the morning and to stop clock watching, so as usual this morning was spent with the boys playing. Charles went to preschool in the afternoon whilst myself and Harry went to a neighbouring town to get his passport photo done, pick up the passport forms and just generally do some window shopping. I also found some frames for a project I was planning.

Wednesday: Again, playing in the morning for the boys and I framed some gorgeous fabric I had bought.
I had therapy at 1 so dropped Charles off at school and headed straight there.
Once home I attempted sorting laundry but Harry had other ideas and wanted to just jump on me and cuddle me which was sweet.
I collected Charles from preschool and popped some clothes to my mums (she sometimes helps with drying and ironing)

Thursday: Morning again consisted of playing for the boys and blogging for me. Harry seems to want to eat all morning at the moment so I found that in between commenting on blogs, answering emails and so on that I was making him food!
We dropped Charles off at preschool, went home for lunch and then went back near the preschool for Jo Jingles. Harry seems to really be enjoying Jo Jingles now, it's lovely to see his confidence growing, and to see him following instructions and copying the teacher.
Rather than going home to then have to go out shortly after I drove to McDonalds to grab a milkshake. As I'd hoped Harry fell asleep in the car so I sat in the preschool car park and wrote Monday-Thursday of this post, another blog post and answered some emails.

Friday: Usual morning of train track building and the boys arguing over the train track. After dropping Charles at preschool me and Harry went to Pets at Home to get food and bedding for the rabbit. Harry fell asleep in the car and I drove to a hairdressers with the intention of getting a trim. I drove past it 3 times and chickened out. I'm so anxious and silly when it comes to getting my hair cut, especially if I'm going to a walk-in rather than an appointment.
Once we picked up Charles from preschool I let the boys play in the garden and I sorted out the rabbits disgusting hutch!

Saturday: Track building in the morning! The boys also did some colouring. Harry was so proud of himself and kept showing us his work! We went over to my mums for the afternoon as my husband had work.
He made us steak for tea and we had an amazing chocolate cake for dessert.

Sunday: Morning started with a migraine, putting ironing away and a cold bath. My husband made us my favourite breakfast.
We then went to the Norfolk Coast for a walk and run around, and stopped off at gorgeous Wells for chips and sausage/pie.
The boys both got an extra big hug and kiss at bedtime.

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