Brighton {A-Z Challenge}

Bright lights. Loud music. Rows of shops selling fish and chips, doughnuts and candy floss. With every other shop selling cheap, tacky souvenirs.
Arcades all filled to the brim with 2p machines, dance machines and those grab-a-teddy crane game things which you can gurantee are set up to make sure people very rarely win.
Having to dodge all of the holiday makers as they make their way towards the beach.
Children walking along with sticky hands and sticky faces due to the many sticks of rock consumed.
That's how I imagined Brighton.

It wasn't what greeted me though.
I wrote on my Facebook page that Brighton certainly made me appreciate Great Yarmouth a lot more, because even in low season it's clean and reasonably busy.
Brighton just seemed to have completely shut down, although there was evidence of them getting ready for the summer season.

We visited the Sea Life Centre (seperate post coming up about that) and then walked along the pier, which really makes your legs shake as you look through the old planks of cracked, damaged wood and see the water crashing below.
It would have been rude to not stop for lunch.
We ate in at Palm Court and had an amazing meal. Beautiful fish, really yummy chips and proper diet coke.
Even the boys enjoyed their food, and were happy because they were supplied with "colourings".

I'm sure Brighton must be better in the Summer, I just expected it to be that image of Brighton all year round.

Still, I'm not disappointed at visiting. It crosses another thing off my bucket list.

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