Officially A Member {A-Z Challenge}

If you follow my blog regularly you may know about my intention to join the WI. I found a fab group local(ish) to me and wet along for my first meeting in March. I enjoyed it so much that I returned on Tuesday and paid my membership fee.
There was something really quite exciting about it.
A committment, and a promise. A promise to myself to keep going and to persevere, even though I am really enjoying it.
My worry is that if I had a month of due to sickness or holiday or similar that I may then be too shy about going back so miss the next month and then just give up.
Whereas now, being a member, I feel I have that to give me the push to go.

At the same time I felt a real cheer inside. YES! I finally have "a thing". A hobbie. Something more than just being a housewife and a mummy.

Anyway, this month was also exciting because I got to meet someone I've been emailing for a long time now. A fellow blogger, Katy who writes at Love Lemon, and was so pleased that, despite my husbands constant worries when I meet people I've talked to online, she is so lovely, very normal and someone I hope I can be friends with for a long time.

This months meeting involved us all making a bracelet, and some made a pair of earrings.
There were so many tubs of beads to choose from. It was difficult to choose a theme, or which ones to go for. I ended up with some beautiful blue beads and one white bead with multi-coloured specks. The shape of them reminds me of Werthers Originals.
I then seperated them with smaller clear, blue and purple beads.
Tieing the elastic baffled me and I ended up needing help from Katy and the lady running the class, Syvlia from Zorn, a jewellery shop in Aldeburgh.

I absolutely love my bracelet, and it was lovely to see what everyone else came up with too.

As with last time I didn't want to leave and I cannot wait until next months meeting.
It's refreshing to be sitting in a room with women you can actually see yourself being friends with. With women who actually talk to you, and remember that your name is Lauren and not Laura.

I think joining the WI will be one of the best decisions I ever made.

J- Jewellery for the A-Z Challenge.

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