A Birthday with No Party

This year we are not having a birthday party for Charles.
*Sounds of gasps and tuts*
In fact last year he didn't have a party, alternatively he had a day out with two of his friends to the local Dinosaur Park (as well as various celebrations with family), but this year we won't be doing anything like that.

Although Charles now goes to preschool and has more friends than ever, and spending a couple of mornings at the school I can see that he is a popular boy, we have still made the decision to not have a party for him,
We considered, briefly, hiring out a local community centre, getting a bouncy castle in and getting some nibbles, but then who do and don't you invite?
Do I invite every single child at preschool? The ones he doesn't play with? The ones he doesn't really know or who don't know him? What if the friends he really wanted to come didn't turn up?

With him going to reception in September we know he will make more friends, and these friendships will be a lot more solid than the friendships he has now because he will be with these friends a lot more.
Anyway, I digress. So next year will be even more important for him to celebrate with his friends, so it makes it easier for us to accept that it's ok for him not to have a party this year.

There is also the fact that in June there is simple no time to really have a party!
Every weekend is full of plans and annoyingly the Sunday after his birthday, the day we would usually have his party, is Fathers Day, therefore everyone will be busy celebrating that.

The Sunday before his birthday we will be celebrating with his aunty and uncle, then on his birthday we will take him out for the day, the Saturday will be a celebration with my mum, then the Sunday we will do something for Fathers Day. The following weekend is BritMums Live and he will have 2 days in London for that, which we will also include as a birthday treat as he will be seeing my mother in law and celebrating with her.
The week after that we may have a day out at the Royal Norfolk Show and then the following weekend we are off to the theatre to see Chris and Pui.

AND THEN......
It will be Harry's 2nd birthday!

And then we will be having the mini celebrations with family for that. In a non-nasty way, Harry doesn't have any friends yet so a party isn't necessary for him anyway.
I am hoping to hire a bouncy castle for the boys one day in July, just for them to enjoy together.

Despite knowing Charles is going to have a fantastic birthday even though he isn't having a party I do feel the need to justify myself. I'm not sure why. I guess it's just something we, as parents, feel we need to do a lot when we feel that people are going to judge us based on certain decisions, and based on what people have said in the past.

Do you think children need to have a birthday party?
Am I depriving our children by not giving them a birthday party?

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