Room For Improvement-Our Bedroom

When we moved in to this house 7 years ago our bedroom was the first room we redecorated. The walls were a bright lilac and we changed this too a soft blue.
And that was it.
We eventually put up 3 wedding photos and 2 years ago I convinced my husband that a big mirror would be perfect on the wall opposite our bed.
The furniture we bought isn't amazing and we are really restricted, as a result there tends to be clothes everywhere. The fact I don't love our bedroom doesn't give me much encouragement to keep it tidy either. And as a result my husband has never been keen for us to decorate it.

So, when I was given the chance to decorate any room in our house for £50 as part of a 'Room for Improvement' Challenge set up by MoneySupermarket, it was clear our bedroom would be the one to benefit.
I didn't have a theme as such but wanted to work around this theory:
And it couldn't be more true.
I wanted to get as much as I could from the £50. I considered buying new curtains but then the majority of the budget would be spent and it wouldn't fix and of our storage issues.

So, key points I wanted to focus on:
Somewhere to put my scarves. They have been stuck in a box on top of our wardrobe. Meaning I forget about some of them or they just gather dust. 
I have various wicker baskets of "stuff". hair products, skin care, perfume. The ones on the photo above are only half of the ones we have in our room. I'm slightly obsessed. 
I wanted to sort these but to also jazz them up a bit.
Our bed is pretty boring so I wanted to just add a few cushions to make it a little bit more cosy.
Making the walls prettier
Sorting out our bedside tables, possibly with a lamp.

We went out to 3 shops in total. B&M, B&Q and Next. This is a selection from our haul.
I could actually eat him.
After totally it all up I realised I had only spent £30! The photos above only show half of the items from our first shop so the next day we went out and bought some more!
I wanted to save money where I could so I also raided my sewing and fabric bags. I found a few bits of felt, some polka dot fabric and my Cath Kidston ribbon and used these to customise various pieces.

And these are some of the smaller details. 
I painted the top half and bottom half of two wicker baskets with paint I found for 50p(!) and added some ribbon and a flower. 
I tied some ribbon around the top of the glass jar to tie it in with the other pieces on the shelf.
I added ribbon to two of the single hanging hearts, writing Mr and Mrs on one of them.
I added fabric to the back of the hanging hearts.
I cut out hearts from some felt and stuck these onto the cushions.
We had our books in various boxes and these were piled up beside the tallboy. Once I had removed the scarves from the plastic box and hung them up on the heart hooks, I then created more space to put the book boxes on top of the wardrobe. 
I had 20 other scarves I don't wear so much which I placed in a wicker box and put next to the tallboy. On top this box I put another wicker box which I keep my WI magazines in.
I've seen other bloggers and YouTube vloggers using fairy lights around beds and think this is beautiful. I didn't want to wrap ours around the bed because the boys would ruin them within minutes so I draped the lights around our wedding photos, making an extra special feature of these.

This is our cost breakdown:
The white heart peg hooks were supposed to be £6.99 each, so I was hoping to make it closer to the £50 budget but as they went through the till we realised they had gone down to £1.99.
The single hanging hearts were also supposed to be £1.99 but again went through as £1.
The cushions were supposed to be £7.99 each but had gone down to £3 each.

My husband didn't see any of this until he got home and was very impressed by the amount of clutter I had reduced and space I had created.  He was also surprised at how I managed to not go over the £50 budget, despite trying!
I've ordered some fabric so I can make some bunting and extra cushions.
I normally head to bed around 1-2am but last night went up at 9.30pm because I wanted to be in there so much. And ended up staying in bed for an extra hour this morning just laying in bed with the boys.

I think this proves that by shopping around and visiting the cheaper shops, and also using your own creative flair, you can make some really impressive changes on a small budget.
I love our bedroom now.

If you want to see other entries for this challenge you can buy searching the hashtag #roomforimprovement on Twitter.

I was given £50 from Money Supermarket for the purpose of this challenge and competition.
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