25 Things I Love About You {Charles}

1: Your eyelashes. Everyone comments on how amazing and long they are. Women tend to mention how jealous they are and how they wish they had lashes just like them, and I have to agree, I wish I did too.

2: The crush you have on your keyworker.
I think it would be true to say that she is your first love. You go all silly and shy at the mention of her name, or even at the site of her. You talk about her A LOT and always ask if she will be at preschool, if she isn't there (on her day off for example) you let me know and you talk about where you think she is and what she has been doing.
I love that you want to tell her that you love her but you don't think it's the right time. "Not quite yet mummy, I can't tell her yet".

3: Your Lorax Impression. So simple, so cute. I love how you simply picked such a small expression he does in the film, a blink and you'll miss it moment, to recreate all the time.
I love how you get his saying a little wrong "I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. Barrier of the forest"

4: The way you ask me what me and Harry have been doing whilst you've been at preschool, because you really want to know.

5: Your over-use of the word "apparently".

6: The way you say together and already.
"Togeda" "O-ready". You know I love the way you say these and sometimes say them just to make me smile.

7: The fact you can name more Dinosaurs than me.

8: The way that you try to help me in the morning but going through to see Harry when he wakes up. It's not always helpful as Harry then runs through to wake us up and sometimes it is silly o clock and we all need more sleep.

9: How sweet it is that you make breakfast for everyone and lay all of the filled cereal bowls in a line on the coffee table.

10: How cute you are when you are half asleep. These are when some of my favourite conversations with you happen. We either talk about silly things, funny things, serious things or about love.
Sadly most of the time you don't remember these conversations, but I do and will treasure them forever.

11: I love how you are a fab shopping partner (most of the time) and will tell me if something is nice or not. And then tell me your honest opinion when I try something on.

12: The way you call your brother sweetie and tell me how cute he is. And that you laugh because he's a toddler. And that you call him your best friend and praise him when he does something well.

13: How excited you get when you teach Harry a new word or how to do something. And how proud you are of him.

14: Your belly button. I love the way it sticks out and how we pretend it's a doorbell. Harry has always been fascinated with it.

15: The fact you are clumsy. You fall over a lot. We tend to take bets on how long it will be until you fall over.

16: Your cute run. You still run like a toddler and make us giggle as your legs move around everywhere as if it's the first time you've moved quickly.

17: I love how sensitive you are, and how in tune you are with peoples feelings, particularly mine.

18: I love how you want to look after me, and take care of me. Especially since learning a couple of months ago that I'm afraid of heights. I didn't want you to know that as I didn't want you to be afraid too. But you're not, instead you tell me everything is ok, you guide me and hold my hand tight. You let people know I'm afraid.

19: How caring you are towards everyone. And how you recognise when people are really nice, usually the Sainsburys Grocery Delivery Men. "He's a nice man mummy".

20: How shy you get. And how you bury you head into my leg and pull the cutest of faces.

21: Your frown.

22: Your memory. You are able to remember things that even I forget.

23: Your photography. You take the most amazing photos for a child, and I have very little fear in handing my "big camera" over to you because you are so careful and I know when I look through the photos you will have taken some amazing shots.

24: Your excited face.

25: How helpful you are. You like to help me with lunch, dinner, and you also know exactly how to use the washing machine.

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