Can A Lavender Reed Diffuser Help Me Sleep? {Survey}

For the past four years there has been one topic I'm not keen on discussing.
Mainly because of people judging me because of the lack of sleep I get and how that relates to my parenting.
I haven't had a full night's sleep for a long time, although I'm not really complaining because I know this won't last forever and the boys only wake up if there is a reason. Charles very rarely wakes up in the night and only will do if he is poorly, has sore legs, or if there has been a toilet accident.
Harry wakes for milk. Yes, at almost 2 years old he still has a milk feed at some point in the night (can you tell I'm fed up with getting comments about him not sleeping through yet?!)
I find myself not going to bed at a decent time, mainly because I have become so used to waiting up in case Harry wakes.
I go to bed and I can't relax because I'm waiting for him to wake up, or listening out for footsteps, or being kept away with a busy head.

Almost 2 weeks ago I filled in a sleep accessories survey which was commissioned by Silent Night. Once I had completed the survey I was then sent a product which would hopefully suit my needs and help towards giving me a good nights sleep.

I was sent a Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender Reed Diffuser to use to see if it would improve my sleep at all.
Providing up to three months of continuous scent our Lavender Reed Diffuser creates a sensuous atmosphere calling to mind gentle breezes rolling over lush fields on an idyllic summer day.
We've placed the reed diffuser on top of our wardrobe as it was a bit too strong next to the bed. I couldn't say that I'm getting more sleep because of it but it is helping me to relax easier and to get to sleep quicker than I usually would.
Before it would take me up to an hour to go to sleep but now I think I'm asleep within 15 minutes.
Although I'm not sleeping for longer I am getting into a deeper sleep than usual, which I think is a result of feeling relaxed.

The diffuser has 10 wicker reeds and is claimed to last up to three months, which is quite a long time and is useful because it means I don't have to regularly replace it with a new one.
It will be interesting to see if the effects are the same in a months time and whether or not the diffuser still relaxes me or if my body is too used to it.

The lavender reed diffuser was provided by Silentnight for the purpose of this survey. Support your local - for Silentnight mattresses in the east visit these independent stockists.
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