Dinner on the Beach

Running out of time on Tuesday night I wasn't able to put through a grocery order. My husband mentioned this afternoon that he would be going out with his friends for a beer tonight, que panic that I had nothing for tea and would then have no time to go out and get something and cook it in time before he went out.
So he suggested fish and chips, which we normally have without the boys unless we are out so I suggested we all have dinner together.
He then went one further and said we should take a blanket with us and sit on the beach and eat our fish and chips rather than bringing them home.
And that is what we did.

After the Royal Jubilee celebrations last year we said that we wanted to picnic at the beach one evening. Well, when I say one evening we actually mean two evenings, we wanted one picnic as a family and another just my husband and me.
It was slightly chilly but the boys had fun running around in the snow.....snow?! stones of course, and although the food was 'just ok' we did enjoy ourselves.
Of course, the view and location was perfect, as was the company.
Note to self: clean camera lens.
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