Frappe-Frappucino-Frappe {Recipe}

When we went to Kos on a 2 week holiday years ago, oh gosh I think it might be almost 17 years ago, that makes me feel really quite old, we would visit a little cafe and my mum ordered a Frappe (or Frappucino). I was allowed one, as a special treat, and it was my first taste of coffee.
It was so tasty and we were easily able to re-create it at home and it has now become a tradtional summer treat.

I know there will be cries of "No! That's not how you make it!" Well actually yes, this is how we make it, and this is how it was made in Kos.

One scoop of coffee
Half a teaspoon of sugar (although you don't have to, I usually have 1 and a half sugars in my coffee but reduce for this)
Ice cream
Chocolate for sprinkling (although not essential)

Make a coffee as normal in a large glass, adding slightly more milk than usual but not too much, you still want the coffee slightly warm. Don't fill the glass all the way to the top.
Add a few scoops of ice cream and a couple of ice cubes.
And serve.

Easy as that.
Simple, delicious and perfect for warm weather.

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