Here We Go!

Today! Today! BritMums Live is today!
Smiley face. Excited face. Anxious face. Eeeeek!

Last year I remember not being at all interested in the BritMums conference. I wasn't jealous of people going but I did feel a slight twang of "hmmm it would be nice to meet people I've been talking to for a while" but it wasn't enough to make me want to go.
When tickets for 2013 went on sale I didn't even consider buying any, and when asked if I was going I was truthful and said no because it wasn't my thing. I didn't want to go to a conference full of bloggers. I didn't want to be told what I should be doing, or what I am doing wrong, because starting my blog was just supposed to be about me. I didn't know about this massive community. A community which keeps growing and growing and one that I'm still amazed at the new blogs I find, and fall in love with, every week.

Then came January and the Early Bird offer was coming to an end, and I felt this need to go. At that time I had no money, and I couldn't ask my husband. Well, I could have done but I didn't want to. I had asked if that if I was able to find the money or get a ticket would he be ok with the boys. He said yes and with a very kind friend offering to pay for my ticket with the idea that I would pay her back or sell the ticket if I wasn't able to go I was all of a sudden filling out my details on EventBrite and then.....
I was going to BritMums Live!

I was then on the hunt for a sponsor and had a company in mind although thought they must already be sponsoring someone so didn't approach them. And then one day, it happened. I was in talks with a lovely lady at one of the best PR companies I've worked with and I was representing my dream sponsor. Medela UK.
And everything was perfect.

I've had wobbles up to this point. As many people have had. But I am looking forward to it.
I'm excited about meeting some people I really look up to, admire and just really really like.

It's an odd feeling really because I've followed these people for 2 years and know a lot about them, almost feel like I know them, and although I want to meet them, part of me doesn't want to because I'm scared of it not being the same in real life.
I'll be honest, there are some people I have really high expectations of, which may be slightly unfair but it should be seen as a compliment. I imagine I will end up crying at a lot of people, which may be quite awkward. I'll either cry, giggle or make jokes.

I'm dreading saying goodbye to the boys. I know it's only around 33 hours that I'll be away from them but that's the longest time I've been away from either of them. I've only been away from Charles once overnight and that was when I was in labour with Harry. So it will be an experience for us all.
I know the time away will be good for me. Time for me to have some space and to be me. I'm hoping to keep myself busy enough to be distracted from thinking about them the whole time. And simply cannot wait to see them when they meet me at the venue on Saturday.

So as this publishes I should hopefully be in the car on my way to the train station.
See you in London!

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