love2read Photo Book {Review}

For a while now I've been planning on getting my husband a photobook as a gift. Each time though I've been stuck with which photos to put it and how exactly to set it all out.
I was recently invited by love2read to create a photobook suitable for Fathers Day.
The aim of each unique book is to help your child develop a love of reading. It does this by presenting photographs which reflect your child’s world and relating them to simple words. Research shows that if your child loves books they will learn to read much faster and you will be encouraging a lifelong love of reading.
I couldn't believe how easy these photobooks were to create. You simply upload your chosen image to each of the 10 pages and add a quote underneath the photo. Simple as that.
As well as personalising the text you can also personalise the border colour.
I selected photos which I could add words to in an easy way. ie/ A photo of the four of us "Our daddy is a family man" or a photo of Charles and my husband at the bottom of a slide "Our daddy loves twirly twirly slides".
I wanted it to be a simple story for the boys to understand, but for it to also mean a lot to my husband.

The quality of the book is amazing. I expected the images to be a little bit grainy but they are all very clean and clear.
These books are perfect for any member of the family but are especially perfect as a Fathers Day gift. My husband always does the bedtime routine here and is head of reading bedtime stories so it's wonderful that he can share these memories with the boys.
I think he had a lump in his throat when we gave him the book. (early for the purpose of this review and to see his reaction).
Not only does he like that he can relive these memories with the boys but it's something they can all treasure for a long time.

My biggest postive is the customer service given by love2read.
Our original order was 'My Dad..." because I hadn't read the list properly, totally my fault as it is a clear as anything when you look on the site (can I still blame baby brain mixed with sleep deprivation?)
Anyway, their team clearly saw, once I'd placed the order, that I'd named it 'My Dad' when in fact I had two boys featured in the book. I also wrote the book "To Daddy" and this was clearly picked up on to as I received an email asking if I would like the book to be written as "Our Daddy.....". Which was exactly what I wanted!
I thought the fact that they had clearly looked at the order than had gone through, in such close detail to notice this little issue was amazing.

I then received one of the loveliest emails ever as I was told:
Last night, as the mist from the Thames drew in and the temperature began to fall, ten of our elves carefully downloaded your photos to start creating your very special book.
With soft music playing in the background and scented candles burning, one of the elves carefully wrote out your manuscript with his special quill pen. Once the ink had dried, another elf placed each page in gossamer thin tissue before faithfully painting on your pictures.
Using the sharpest scissors and his unerring eye, he precisely cut the pages and passed them to the chief elf, who neatly lined up the edges. Then, while standing on tip toe and using a small silver hammer, he bound the book with the finest staples in the land before ever so carefully folding the pages over.
And so with the sound of harp strings playing, your book was born and gently placed on a feather cushion and taken to a special place called "dispatch".
Finally, at sunrise this morning, an elf gingerly selected your book, placed it in an envelope on which he had written your address, before spraying it with a little pixie dust.
We summoned our favourite postman and he packed your parcel in his rose petal filled bag and set out on his journey to your house.
We're all absolutely exhausted, and thrilled for you that your love2read book is on its way!
It certainly put a smile on my face.

With Fathers Day coming up in just 2 weeks I think this is a fantastic gift for any dad (or grandad). Each book costs £14.99, and the last order date for Fathers Day gifts is June the 10th.

We were sent a photobook for the purpose of this review.
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