Spending Ten Pounds

Two Sundays ago I went shopping in the city, boy free, with my mum for a few hours.
I bought 2 denim jackets (sort of, I tried them on and we ordered them online from Debenhams because they were both on a silly cheap offer online but not in store!) 2 scarves, 3 tops, a dress, a pair of flats, and a pair of wedges.
The wedges were lovely, in fact I almost bought two pairs because I loved them so much but thankfully stopped myself and just bought the one pair.
The wedges were only £10 from Primark. They were comfy, well made but once I got home and attempted to walk to preschool in them I realised they were a rubbish design, and the back strap just kept creeping down and falling off my foot.
Knowing I was visiting the city again the following Saturday with my husband I put them back in the bag ready for a return/exchange.

We were in a hurry when we visited on Saturday and I'd promised not to spend too much time faffing and slowing browsing around.
I very quickly tried on a skirt-unflattering and not very well made, so then headed further down the store and to the section we had missed the previous week.
I wanted to stick to £10 and not go over it and I'm pleased that I was able to do such that, AND get lots of lovely things for my money. Even my husband was impressed.

Hairbands: £1
Headband: £1.50
Hairslides: £1.50
Earrings £2.00
Shoes: £4.00

I'm so impressed that I want to go back in with £10 to see if I can do any better!
The earrings (which I know look cheap and won't be to everyones taste but don't be mean) and hairslides go perfect with the dress I'm planning on wearing to BritMums on Saturday, and also with the scarf I'll be wearing on the Friday.

Do you shop in Primark? Have you recently picked up any bargains you wanted to shout about?

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